Text 5 Jun My wonderful nautical experience by Damien

I wish to share my experience aboard the Kupu Phangan Explorer.


We departed around 11am from the Kupu Phangan Beach Resort, and within a 10 minutes car ride, we reached the fisherman pier of Thong Sala.

There awaited us this charming vessel full of epic exploration tales accumulated along the years around the island of Koh Phangan.

Renovated in 2013 by KupuResorts to provide quality entertainment for its guests, the deck allows sunbathing while enjoying the bliss of travelling the breathtaking landscapes surrounding this Thai archipelago.


The tour features a picnic by the sea on a virgin white sand beach. The food prepared by the French chef Maxime was delicious: a savory pasta salad in pesto sauce, Lebanese style semolina starter and a chicken N cheese wrap  to die for, tropical fruits for dessert ended a succulent yet healthy meal.

The rest of the tour included snorkeling in clear waters to see myriads of colorful tropical fishes eating watermelon pieces out of our bare hands , kayaking around rocky shores, and a nap waiting for the sunset.


That’s when the magic starts to operate, when the sky becomes red and orange mixed with blue and purple, salty wind in your hair makes you realize how worriless and relaxed a real vacation can make you feel.

These moments in life where happiness overwhelms you should not be that scarce.

I took a few pictures to capture these instants so difficult to describe with words.



For more information visit http://www.kupuresorts.com/kohphangan/ or contact +66 77 377 384 - reservation@kupuphangan.com

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