Text 23 May Full moon ceremony or “Purnama”

If you’re lucky enough to visit Bali at the time of the full moon celebration you are in for a treat.

Purnama, or full moon in Bali is a special day for ceremonies and festivities. Hundreds of temples all over the island celebrate this special day hosting splendid ceremonies.

Balinese believe that Purnama is a propitious day when Gods descend to the earth and give their blessing. On this sacred day, hundreds of ceremonies are held in all corners of the island to satisfy and honor the gods with offerings such as food, fruit and flowers. The Balinese themselves are then blessed by performing various rituals using holy water, incense smoke, petals and rice grains.

Since Purnama is believed to be a propitious day it is the time for planting, especially for plants that bear fruit.  It is common for Balinese to delay planting until the day of the full moon, when they are more assured of a successful harvest. 

Some people also believe that bathing in water perfumed by fragrant petals of the frangipani flower, under the light of the full moon will wash away your sins, while ensuring that you will remain youthfully attractive. 

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