Text 4 May 1 note Kiting Season in Bali

During the dry season, from July to August when there is a strong continuous wind blowing from East to West Bali becomes the world’s hotspot for surfing. A little lesser known but just as exciting are the Kiting activities during this season, with its peak during the International Kite Festival held in July.

The kites come in all shapes and sizes, however the most common are “Bebean”, which is a fish shaped kite, “Janggan” which is Fish shaped and Pecukan for the leaf shaped ones. The biggest ones are the “Bebeans”, they can reach up to 4 meters in width and even up to 10 meters in length, shaped like a split-tailed fish with a huge mouth! Due to their size these kites require up to 10 adults to keep them into control!


Although the main action will take place in Sanur, the kites can be seen all over Bali and especially on the beaches. A perfect moment to watch the beautiful sunset from the relaxing confines of our Jimbaran Beach Club!

Make sure you are early, during the high season our Jimbaran Beach Club can fill up pretty quickly and you don’t want to miss that perfect seat for the lauded sunset over Jimbaran Bay.

For more information about our Jimbaran resort visit: http://www.kupuresorts.com/jimbaran/

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